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Enhance your performances,
strengthten you, tone you up

Use your heartrate efficently, burn more calories, enhance your respiratory capacities

Train in a new manner on a new device

Fred Ourabah

Physical activity drove me on the path of performance, abnegation and work. I'm now lifted and driven by such moral values that enabled me to work in different corners of the world.

I graduated from a personal training course in the United States, and I'm now based in Bordeaux (France) and Los Angeles. The international dimension of my rugby man's career, which was also out of the ordinary, defines me as a competent personal trainer.

I'm speaking to all high level athletes, professionals, businessmen or businesswomen. But above all, to every single one of you whether you are eager for a new challenge, keen on raising the bar, or hungry for a change.

I wish to share my taste for performance with you, who is feeling the urge or the need, while always keeping in mind the concept of transmission and example settlement defining wise-men or leaders.

Surpass yourself, step out of bounds, Be On !

  • International Sports Sciences Association / Personal Trainer Certification ISSA (US)
  • Conditioning Association / Certification Strength and Conditioning Specialist (Scientific foundation) NSCA (US)
  • Heart Rate Performance Specialist NESTA (US)
  • TRX Suspension Training TRX Cerftification (US)


Standard rate * : 75$/H
* included 1h interview & evaluation + personal final assessment


4 weeks min
Switch on, Be On 1 Free sessions


6 weeks min
Who will stop you? 2 Free sessions


4 weeks min
Wake you up, speed you up, show you up 3 Free sessions

Be on

Your Be On, You. Corporate training session,
Train for a special event,
small group training